Cycling To Every Inari Shrine In Tokyo’s 23 Wards: The Fox Top Collection

One of the quirks of this epic Tokyo cycling challenge was to wear a fox-related top to loosely tie in with the Inari Shrines where kitsune (foxes) are revered. The majority of the tops I wore were related to Leicester City whose nickname is the foxes, but there were a few other ones. I’ll let you peak behind the curtain here and reveal that I never actually wore any of these tops whilst cycling but just put them on at one shrine (usually the final one) in each of Tokyo’s 23 wards for the sake of a photo. Get ready for a very self-indulgent look at me doing very similar poses 23 times!

#1. Itabashi – Leicester City away 2019-2020 shirt.

#2. Toshima – Leicester City away 2004-2006 shirt.

#3. Kita – Leicester City home 1998-2000 shirt.

#4. Katsushika – Leicester City away 2003-2005 shirt.

#5. Shinagawa – Leicester City Worthington Cup Winners 2000 polo shirt.

#6. Kōtō – Leicester City home 1979-1983 shirt.

#7. Shibuya – Leicetster City away 2016-2017 shirt.

#8. Nerima – Fox Racing green t-shirt.

#9. Meguro – Leicester City home 2014-2015 shirt.

#10. Bunkyo – Leicester Cty away 2005-2006 shirt.

#11. Sumida – Leicester City away 2017-2018 shirt.

#12. Nakano – Leicester City home 2011-2012 shirt.

#13. Edogawa – Fox Racing blue t-shirt.

#14. Taito – Leicester City home 1983-1985 shirt.

#15. Chiyoda – Muzzy Izzet 6 blue t-shirt.

#16. Suginami – Leicester City home 2016-2017 shirt.

#17. Chūō – Leicester City away 2018-2019 shirt.

#18. Ota – Leicester City away 1975 shirt.

#19. Arakawa – Blue Jedi Fox t-shirt.

#20. Minato – Fox Racing blue t-shirt.

#21. Setagaya – Leicester City 1975 Admiral tracksuit top.

#22. Adachi – Leicester City away 1983-1985 shirt.

#23. Shinjuku – Leicester City home 2015-2016 shirt.

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