Foxed In The Head: Cycling To All Inari Shrines In Tokyo’s 23 Wards – #2 Toshima

#2. Toshima

Cycling may be something that I love to do but I’m not really one who goes for a ride without some kind of aim whether it be to a restaurant, a sight or just my workplace. With that in mind, and desperate to get out on my new bike, I decided to cycle round ALL the Inari Shrines in Tokyo taking each of the 23 wards one at a time.

Inspired by recent interest in tiny shrines, this idea seemed like a good way of hunting them down in a slightly more orderly fashion. This really is not so much about the actual Inari Shrines but just getting out on my bike and having a means to an end. Please note that there are many more Inari Shrines (as well as other shrines) than what’s listed below but these were all the ones registered on Google Maps. The times in brackets next to the name of the shrines note the (approximate) time of day I was at each place.

Starting Point: Tokyo Fox Global Operations Centre, Itabashi-ku (09:14)

1. Kita-Ikebukuro Shusse Inari Shrine @ 1-35-6 Ikebukurohoncho (09:58)

2. Koyasu Inari Shrine @ 2-38-4 Kamiikebukuro (10:05)


3. Inari Shrine @ 4-23-9 Minamiikebukuro (10:17)


4. Takeyoshi Inari Shrine @ 3-15-3 Zoshigaya (10:28)


5. Inari Shrine @ 2-5-22 Zoshigaya (10:40)


6. Mejiro Toyosaka Inari Shrine @ 3-2 Mejiro (10:49)


7. Inari Shrine @ 3-18-10 Mejiro (11:02)


8. Inari Shrine @ 4-9 Nishiikebukuro (11:10)


9. Inari Shrine @ 3-37 Ikebukuro (11:21)

Date: Thursday 21st May 2020

Weather: Cold

Area: 13.01 km2

Distance: 16:30 km

Time: 1.17 hrs

Calories Burned: 492

Top: Leicester City 2004-2006 away shirt

Notes: For the middle of May this was a cold day and I even wore a jacket and hat having been in Summer clothes for weeks beforehand! Zoshigaya was a return to a neighbourhood I once lived in and the fourth shrine on this list was part of the Kishibojin temple complex which is right next door to my old apartment. Two-thirds of these were what I consider to be tiny shrines which was a nice bonus and what this pointless task is all about!

Fox Rating: 4/10

Nearby Sights: Mejiro Garden, Ancient Orient Museum Tokyo, Lemon ramen restaurant, Namja Town, Mimi Rabbit Cafe

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