TF Top 10……Most Hidden Inari Shrines In Tokyo’s 23 Wards


The vast majority of the hundreds of Inari Shrines I cycled to in Tokyo’s 23 wards were fairly easy to locate. However, there were some very well hidden and elusive ones which were rather isolated, tucked away in tight alleyways or located within grounds which I was unable to enter. Usually I was able to at least get a photograph from afar but there were a couple which I just couldn’t get to.

1. Inari-jinja Shrine, Itabashi-ku.


If it’s a red torii gate then it’s fairly visible but this one is white, hidden behind bushes and located in the corner of private property. More details here

2. Inari Shrine, Nerima-ku.

After circling the area numerous times it finally dawned on me that I couldn’t get near to this one as it was protected by a fence on one side and in a backyard between two houses. It is on Google Maps though so you have to assume that it’s available for public use. Maybe. More details here

3. Inari Shrine, Nerima-ku.

Located within a driving school, this one was just not possible to see up close. More details here

4. Kentoku Inari Shrine, Sumida-ku.

When I arrived at this one I could see the shrine through a gate and naturally thought I wouldn’t be able to get any further. As it was, all I had to do was open the gate and I was inside! More details here

5. Inari Shrine, Taito-ku.


Little did I know beforehand that one of just three Inari Shrines in Taito Ward was to be found on the top of a shopping complex. To be fair, it’s just a quick ride up in the lift to find it. More details here

6. Hanabusa Inari Shrine, Chiyoda-ku.


Perhaps the most famous “hidden” shrine in this compilation as it’s been featured in a number of YouTube videos. From one side it is a tight squeeze between buildings and the more interesting way to access the shrine. The other side is a more comfortable ten metre walk. More details here

7. Inari Shrine, Suginami-ku.


Seems like this one is in the backgarden of someone’s house. More details here

8. Inari Shrine, Suginami-ku.


Covered by so much greenery, it took a while for me to realise I was in the right place. This one is well hidden from view. More details here

9. Toyoiwa Inari Shrine, Chūō-ku.


Similar to the aforementioned one in Akihabara, this is also situated down an alleyway. More details here

10. Inari Shrine, Ota-ku.


Located within the grounds of the JAL Sky Museum (next to Shin-Seibijo Station on the Tokyo Monorail) where a pass is needed to enter the area. This was the shrine which took the most effort by far to get to. More details here

Bonus. Inari Shrine, Minato-ku – One of very few I was unable to photograph in any way as it’s in the grounds of a university. More details here

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