TF Top 10……Tokyo Themed Cycling Rides

With Autumn finally here after a long hot and humid Summer it’s time to get on your bike again and work up a sweat without being completely drenched in it as happens in the overly hot and humid Summer months in Tokyo.

These ten rides are not just simply routes (though they could be of course!) but themed ones which can be adjusted however you see fit. The distances and times given are approximate (especially numbers 1-5 which were completed in a non-smart phone era) and include the travel to and from the Tokyo Fox Global Operations Centre so they are just a guide to give you an idea.

Here then, in no particular order, are the Tokyo Fox top 10 Tokyo themed cycling rides…

1. Yamanote Line Loop: Distance: 35 km; Time: 8 hrs – A classic ride circling the green coloured line (map-wise!) either clockwise or anti-clockwise and taking in the core of Tokyo’s major stations and urban centres.

Part I

Cycling The Yamanote Line  Cycling The Yamanote Line

2. A-Z of stations: Distance: ?? km; Time: 9 hrs – A simple concept. Cycle around Tokyo stopping for a photo at a station for each letter of the alphabet. There aren’t too many B’s or C’s and there are no stations beginning with the letters L, P, Q, V or X so that’s five less stops to do!

Prelude     Part I     Part II

Cycling The A-Z Of Tokyo - Part II  Cycling The A-Z Of Tokyo - Part I

3. On the trail of John Rain: Distance: ?? km; Time: 8 hrs – The fictional work of author Barry Eisler has a long association with Tokyo. Many other novels have been set here but the links here are from the earlier works and the original bicycle tour of the many bars, restaurants, cafe’s and hotels which feature throughout the books.

Prelude     Part I     Part II

JohnRainTrailsOct2010 222  JohnRainTrailsOct2010 197

4. Tokyo’s Top 25 Sights: Distance: 130 km; Time: 12:20 hrs – The most epic of tours due mainly to the inclusion of Odaiba and Tokyo Disneyland (over in Chiba) in ‘Fodor’s Tokyo Top 25′ guidebook.

Part I     Part II     Part III

TokyoTop25 Nov 2010 023  TokyoTop25 Nov 2010 158

5. Along the Kanda River: Distance: 25 km; Time: 5:30 hrs – Starting at the Sumida-gawa River and finishing at the lake in Kichijoji’s Inokashira Park. Be aware that this river cuts through the heart of Tokyo and so many, many gates are encountered and you can’t ride for too long before you have to slow down and go through a gate to cross a road.

Prelude     Part I

April 2011 020  April 2011 034

6. Ten Shrines of Tokyo: Distance: 76.31km; Time: 7.25 hrs – Emperor Meiji selected these as the most important shrines in 1868 after he had moved to Edo and renamed it Tokyo.

Part I

P1050279  P1050313

7. Tokyo’s Most Haunted Sights: Distance: 85.5 km   Time: 9.51 hrs – Japan is maybe not as safe as the locals suggest due to earthquakes, typhoons and other natural phenomena. On top of this there are also many stories, rumours and myths about Tokyo being inhabited by folklore creatures, ghosts, gods and other such evil spirits. This ride incorporates them into one perfectly spooky Halloween ride which I re-wrote for an article in Metropolis magazine last October.

Part I     Part II     Metropolis Hell On Wheels Article     Metropolis Link

P1010758  P1010807

8. Gourmet Snack Track Trail: Distance: 53.26 km; Time: 8.29 hrs – Japan is famed for its great food and this journey took in a handful of its most traditional gourmet food shops including soba, monja-yaki and taiyaki.

Part I

P1010847  P1010840

9. The Wolverine Tokyo Trail: Distance: 53.59km; Time: 3.38 hrs – Take the very same route that the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) takes in the 2013 film where the idea of geography is completely abandoned in favour of the hero just zig-zagging across the city.

Part I 

P1040303  P1040357

10. The Godzilla Tokyo Tour: Distance: 82.8 km; Time: 6.43 hrs – A mix of statues, filming locations, shops and so on relating to the giant radioactive lizard.

Part I

P1050093  DSC07312

Now stop reading and get on your bike! Happy cycling!

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12 Responses to TF Top 10……Tokyo Themed Cycling Rides

  1. Ken Nguyen says:

    Hi Tokyo Fox,

    I enjoyed tremendously your articles on cyclings, including the one on Omishima which I had the opportunity to do it from Onomichi early this year. I like to try some of the routes you mentioned in this article. I will have a few days in Tokyo in early Jan 2017. Is it still ok to ride bike in winter in Tokyo and is it easy to rent a bike in Tokyo? Thanks.



    • tokyofox says:

      Hi there Ken
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I cycle all-year round but of course it will be a bit colder in January. If you’re cycling for fun then I suggest doing as much as you can before mid-afternoon when the temperature really drops. Take care out there as cycling in Tokyo is worlds apart from the quietness of the Inland Sea. Afraid I’ve got no idea about renting bicycles in Tokyo but surely it must be possible!
      Kind Regards

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