Vietnamese Festival 2009

A couple of Sunday’s ago my girlfriend and I met up with our friend Mizuki in Harajuku to go to the Vietnamese Festival on another scorcher of an afternoon in Yoyogi Park. Though not as colourful or busy as the Brazilian Festival a couple of weeks prior to this it was still a good way to spend the day catching up with each other while getting drunk in the knowledge that there was no work the following day as it was a holiday.

CIMG1164 CIMG1168

In fact the day turned into a bit of a bender as we started off with a few beers in the park just before 3pm and continued with the 333 (ba ba ba) Vietnamese beer at the festival. I thought this beer was fine when I went to Vietnam a few years ago and so was more than happy to consume it again all these years later though Mizuki, who lived in Ho Chi Minh for a year, woud no doubt disagree with me. There was some nice melodic Vietnamese music being performed live on stage and I had some pho (Vietnamese beef and noodle dish) before we went off to Ikebukuro to continue drinking until midnight. About 9 hours of drinking and amazingly I felt absolutely fine the following morning!

  CIMG1169 CIMG1175

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