Christmas 2009 – The Party

Shinjuku played host to my company’s Christmas party last Saturday night which was attended by around 100 students from about five schools. A couple of jumbo sized gin and tonic’s beforehand maybe wasn’t the best preparation as I was buzzing on arrival and to be honest most of the party passed me by without much notice from there on.

I didn’t get to eat too much food, didn’t really do much for the two games (one was for students to guess the mystery Santa’s on a piece of paper and I didn’t even notice the game of pin the beard on Santa or near equivalent) and had to go on stage at short notice to perform the role of emergency Father Christmas giving out a sack of presents to the winning team.

After the party many of us went to find a new bar but the party of teachers, receptionists and teachers was a bit too big for one place so inevitably we split up into two smaller groups. I wasn’t planning to stay out all night but ended up passing the point of no return in terms of missing my last train home.

Shortly after that a fair few people started to leave which got me worried that I was gonna be left alone to twiddle my thumbs for a few hours before the first train. As it was, four others stayed (or had to stay!) and we went to karaoke purely to kill time for a couple of hours. Having not consumed so much in the hours before I then was somehow rejuvenated and managed to drink a fair few more beers. Even more incredibly was the fact that I was feeling almost fine on the Sunday.


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