Jordan 2011 Pt II: Jerash

Youve gotta feel sorry for Jordan; a beautiful country (on the whole) with some truly remarkable places but as its surrounded by such news-prevalent countries like Syria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia it probably gets less visitors than it deserves. It may also be down to it being the low-season but on my first day I headed up to Jerash to see the country’s second most famous ruins. I didn’t really know what to expect beforehand but I did know that Jerash is supposed to be one of Jordan’s highlights. After an hour on the bus someone gave me a nudge and told me to get off as we were in Jerash.


Hadrian’s Arch (below) was visible in the distance just up the road but there wasn’t really anyone around other than the construction workers in a country which is almost like a big building site. Jordan will look even better when its finished!!


I found the entrance (in the middle of a little souvenir complex) and coughed up 8JD and spent a nice couple of hours walking and photographing the well preserved ruins with only a dozen or so people to be seen throughout. It was here that I got to witness the kindness of the local people who all said “Welcome to Jordan” (this ultimately became so over-used that it had no meaning other than just being a pleasantry which is still ok I guess).


Getting back to my base in capital city Amman (about 50km away) wasn’t a straight bus-ride this time but instead involved sharing a taxi with three other randoms. To be honest, I thought it was just going all the way to Amman and that my negotiating skills on price were great. As it was, we got dropped off somewhere between Jerash and Amman and one of the guys in the taxi very kindly sorted me out with the right bus from wherever we were.

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