Meet The Parents!

I am currently having to endure parents observations in my kids classes. I was relatively new to the job with my present company when this happened last year and it seemed to pass me by almost unnoticed which was maybe due to it still being my induction period where I had a few other observations and i was keen to impress.

However, a year on and its a different story! I now have more kids classes and bigger ones too including the biggest class in all of the company. With 10 lower elementary students in one class that is the maximum for a lesson but with maybe half their mums watching (with two or three of their other kids too) it means a very crowded classroom.

For the naughtier students it is perhaps better for the teacher as they dare not misbehave in front of their mums but on the other hand there are many students who get very nervous and freeze or speak more quietly than usual which can lead to the classroom atmosphere not quite being what it should.

These last two days have been very busy for me with a few consecutive hours of teaching anxious students in front of a ‘sell out’ crowd! I was a little nervous too prior to the first observed lesson. Overall the lessons went better than I could maybe have imagined and the watching mothers seemed to enjoy seeing their kids play the many games that we got through (more than usual as not so much messing about) while engaging in much speaking practice.

This is no doubt as close as I’ll ever get to being an entertainer on a very small scale but nevertheless still rewarding. To see the kids doing the actions to the songs and smiling (not all the time for all but most of the time anyway) made me very happy.

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