Kasabian In Tokyo

Leicester’s greatest band since, erm Showaddywaddy were in town the other week and I went to see them at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A which has probably one of the most un-rock and roll names and to be honest it’s probably better suited for classical music. I feel awkward at the best of times when watching bands in terms of not feeling so comfortable doing anything other than moshing and jumping around and generally fighting for my life! Even though everyone was stood up the seats were still kind of in the way which didn’t help me and many others really get into the performance.

The sound felt a little strange in the hall and it did feel like I was watching a band on a plane in terms of my ears popping. Lead singer Tom even commented sarcastically (i think!) that the sound was great in the place and that you could even hear a pin drop which the majority of Japanese fans wouldn’t have understood. Though they have their moments the Japanese tend to be quite passive and I felt i could sense Tom getting frustrated by the crowd at times like he did at Summer Sonic 2005…………or so I thought. Some weeks after that I read in NME that he thought they were great so what do I know?!

Overall the set was good, though maybe the previous nights birthday celebrations for Tom had taken their toll on some of the band. The track ‘Empire‘ sounded great performed live and Tom was doing his best to get the crowd going by constantly picking out people and gesturing to them to put their hands in the air. I’m sure some of the crowd must have felt like schoolkids again with Tom in the role of the teacher picking on them to ask a question or in this case get their hands up.

As a final thought, hearing arigatou after each song does become a bit tedious after a while so I just wish some of these international bands learned another word or two (like the Magic Numbers did) or kept the Japanese down to the occasional thankyou.

You can see a short video clip of their recent homecoming to Leicester here

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