Lets Get Quizical!

Three hours, five teachers, fourteen students, three receptionists, six rounds, 30 questions, a joker card, unlimited alcohol and a load of cold chips! All that was part of one of my schools British Pub Quiz Night in Shibuya last Saturday. The joker card could be played at the start of a topic to double the points tally and due to my teams indecisiveness (and certainly not for tactical reasons) we ended up not using it until the last round which unbelievably resulted in us snatching victory right at the death.

BritPubQuiz Mar '07 013 BritPubQuiz Mar '07 002

Our win was down to a mixture of good fortune, cheating and the fact that I wrote one of the questions was also a bit of a help! My contributing question was about which Japanese city is twinned with Munich in Germany. The answer is Sapporo in Hokkaido which I know as both cities played host to two great England victories over our footballing rivals from Germany (5-1) and Argentina (1-0 in the 2002 World cup finals). My memory of the other questions is very vague but they included a few more geographical questions, anagrams of famous Japanese people, history, entertainment and so on.

BritPubQuiz Mar '07 007 BritPubQuiz Mar '07 010 BritPubQuiz Mar '07 012 BritPubQuiz Mar '07 015

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  1. richard says:

    Not thinking of growing the barnet again are yer?  Looking a little longer than the last time I saw it

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