India 2007: The Delhi Belly Tour Pt III – Fatephur Sikri

It was p*ssing it down all the way from Agra to Fatephur Sikri on my 7am bus ride. 80 minutes for RP22 (about 27 pence) on a rickety old bus with open windows and a leaking roof resulted in my backpack getting a bit of a soaking. Once I’d stored my bag at a hostel I walked up a hill to see another mosque called Jama Masjid. I couldn’t be bothered to go inside though as I was getting annoyed with all the touts trying to offer me guided tours or whatever and I felt I couldn’t trust anyone.

Instead I walked down the major lane just to generally observe the way of life but as I got to the bottom of this hill the heavens opened up and it absolutely pelted it down flooding the place within seconds and I had to wade through a river of piss, sh*t, litter and mud with a huge group of kids in tow of the only white boy in the village at that moment!

dancing in the rain!  India2007 181  India2007 190  India2007 184

I thought about giving up and moving on altogether when I got back to the hostel but luckily I didn’t and the rain cleared and I went sightseeing again. Not even sure of the name but the palace buildings were impressive due to a lack of visitors and me having no knowledge or expectation of the place. I met two Scottish girls and walked on over to Jama Masjid where this time i had a quick look around the place while trying to fight off unwanted guides.

 Fatephur Sikri  India2007 201  India2007 200  stone representation of elephant tusks at Hiran Minar  India2007 211  The bus that took me to Fatephur Sikri

After lunch on the hotel rooftop with a load of other travellers I went to find Hiran Minar – a 21 metre tower featuring many stone representations of elephant tusks – amid old ruins of a nice looking place away from crowds. Mid-afternoon I had to take a horse-drawn cart to the bus stand but not alone as about 10 others crammed on to it. I was dropped off roadside in an area which was supposed to be the bus stand but was just the usual chaos.

Eventually after a nervous hours wait I hopped on a packed mini-bus where I had to stand up with my backpack at my feet and my ruck-sac on my front as the bus jinked its way through the traffic beeping its horn constantly in true Indian fashion. About an hour down the road I finally got a seat at the back by the window which was necessary for me as there was no air-conditioning. Six of us were squeezed into the five spaces and the first few hours (six in total) were fine but the last couple really killed my backside! Still, I chose this cheap option (RP110 or £1.40) and am still very glad that I did as you get to see and experience a lot more travelling this way rather than going by express air-con train or whatever.

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