Tokyo Daytripper: Big Weekender Pt I – Tokyo Summerland

My days off are Friday and Sunday but last weekend I also had the Saturday off resulting in a busy few days of activity. Starting very early on Friday morning myself and Ethan made our way to Tokyo Summerland which is a big water amusement park in north-west Tokyo.

I first visited this place two years ago and the indoor swimming pool was a sight that had to be seen to be believed when the wave machine came into operation every hour. If you imagine a packed football terrace but in water then you will hopefully get an idea how busy the pool was. Complete pandimonium and without an inflatable ring (a Japanese obsession in these places) I got very scratched each time someone flowed into me. The man-made waves were fun and a good size too and thankfully it was nowhere near as packed though it did seem that without the crowds something was lost or is that a little weird to think that way?!

TokyoSummerland 001  TokyoSummerland 002  TokyoSummerland 004  TokyoSummerland 006

Unfortunately the huge dipping freefall and speed slides outside were closed and the tunnel-type slides which were new to me weren’t that exciting. The assault course (very unstable stepping stones/floats/logs with a net to grab on to hanging above) was interesting but physically tough at times and the highlight of the day was starting a quite long chain link as we floated around the outdoor lagoon on our rubber rings.

We wandered over to the amusement park area after which was a bit cr*p really. The first ride was the free fall roller coaster type thing seen in one of the pictures below. A near vertical drop where you’re sitting horizontally facing down to ground as you speed down into a kind of ‘L’ shape. That proved to be the high as the rollercoaster, pirate ship and the intriguingly named ‘Love Express’ all proved very disappointing before we sweated it out on the big wheel which gave us some great views over the whole complex and the surrounding river and series of bridges.

TokyoSummerland 005  TokyoSummerland 012  TokyoSummerland 015  TokyoSummerland 007

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