Christmas Party 2007 #1

On the first day of December three of my schools had a Christmas Party for which yours truly was the MC for the night as I was the longest serving of the six teachers present……and by some distance too which is a little scary.

30 students were present and my role was to get the party started meaning that I just stood up getting their attention with a cr*p “Ho ho ho” Father Christmas before heading into a load of pleasantries (thanks for coming, hope you have a nice time etc etc) and introducing the teachers before raising a toast. Amazingly that went very well even if I do say so myself!

Lots of clapping in between all my sentences and for each teacher too made me feel very at ease speaking in front of a group of people which is something i’ve not done since my days at University.

 DomaDomaParty 014 DomaDomaParty 016 DomaDomaParty 020 DomaDomaParty 021 DomaDomaParty 023 DomaDomaParty 024 DomaDomaParty 025 DomaDomaParty

The nights proceedings (i.e. drinking and eating!) were interspersed with a few games just to mix things up a bit. These included a “janken” (“rock, scissors, paper”) contest, chinese whispers and an anagrams game of jumbled up Christmas-related words which was about the only thing vaguely Christmas-y about the whole night.

Although the whisper game didn’t go quite to plan the night was still enjoyed by most or at least it was by the seven of my students who were present! Party #2 is coming up next weekend and, though I enjoyed my MC duties, I will be glad to be concentating solely on the drinking and eating parts!

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