Hippo-critical Of Zoo’s?! Not Me!

When I first came to Japan four years ago one of the first touristy places I visited was Ueno Zoo (not too sure why to be honest as I had never really been a ‘zoo’ person) and last week I returned to the place. The star attraction probably has to be Ling Ling, the Chinese Panda which spent most of its time with its back to the waiting crowd but when we returned later it did as good as come out and pose for a few photos for a few seconds which was most welcome. Seeing it take a dump nearer closing time not so!!

uenozoo 015  uenozoo028  uenozoo 072  uenozoo 029

My girlfriend and I spent a few hours witnessing the activity of the usual suspects; lions, tigers, gorillas, elephants, penguins, hippos and a an absolutely huge tortoise that was well into its 70’s. Being Japan there were also a fair few opportunities to get your photo taken alongside a fake animal which we inevitably did such as with the Panda Santa. What I did find quite sad though were some mothers almost forcing their toddlers to do the photo peace sign which the Japanese love so much.

uenozoo 007  uenozoo 011  uenozoo 021  uenozoo 031  uenozoo 050  uenozoo 051  uenozoo 024  uenozoo 073  uenozoo 012  uenozoo 056

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