Tokyo’s Finger-Lickin Good Christmas!

Merrii Kurisimasu as the Japanese say! It won’t surprise too many people to know that Christmas is done very different over this way but what i didn’t know until only recently was how KFC is a popular custom for Christmas Eve and Day. Tokyoites stream to Colonel Sanders’ restaurants to purchase special Kentucky Christmas buckets and unbelievably there are often large queues for what will always be considered fast food however its dressed up.

Very very few Japanese people are Christians so all their Christmas ideas come from America but without much care for attention it seems. They have chicken because its more tasty even though tradition dictates it should be turkey. Having chicken is one thing but having fried chicken is something else! This may be due to mosty Japanese kitchens not having ovens as most of us know them. The toaster oven pales in comparison but given the more confined space in Tokyo homes thats about all there’s room for.

Whereas the Western World consider Christmas Day as a family day the Japanese see it as a day for young lovers to spend precious time with each other in terms of restaurants and the many love hotels which are booked in advance rather than just turning up like usual.

As for the decorations they are unbelievably taken down on the 25th in preparation for the New Years ones and after all the (mostly commercial) hype Christmas Day is just a normal working day like any other.

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