Back Down The City

On the 29th of December I made my long awaited return to see Leicester City take on Charlton at Filbert Way more commonly known as the Walkers Stadium. My last game nearly three years ago ended in a draw as did this one with City snatching a draw from the jaws of victory with an ex-City boy coming up with the crucial knockout blow at the death. Ever since I came to Japan four years ago the club that I have supported since I was a boy have been in decline with a Management revolving door that probably compares with any telesales company.

29Dec07 004 29Dec07 005 29Dec07 006 29Dec07 007

This performance was as they say “nothing to write home about” (that won’t stop me as I need to fill these pages with dross equal to that on the pitch!) and its sad for me to say that I didn’t feel such a connection to the team anymore. This is not just because I have been foxiled but with no continuity in terms of the aforementioned Managers as well as players coming and going each year and seemingly not giving a toss about the club.

29Dec07 008 

I don’t know if it’s just my age now (idolising players younger than me seems a bit strange) but there are no players that I can look up to, admire. respect and identify with anymore so I’m quite thankful to be away from it for now. Having said that I will no doubt return at the nearest possible point next time I’m back to see my team who are unbelievably the most successful team, in terms of cup wins, of the last 12 years outside the big four of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

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