Soundtrack Of My Life (And My Lessons)

The digital age has brought down the curtain for many where purchasing CD’s are concerned which is a bit of a shame as I used to really enjoy shopping for CD’s. I hadn’t bought any for ages until recently for I am now going through a phase of buying movie soundtracks which only cost 250 yen (about £1.25) at the amusingly named ‘Book Off’ stores around Tokyo.

It may be fairly easy to download albums and singles by poular artists but its not always so easy to get a track which appeared on a movie soundtrack. These pieces of music can really bring a film to life and while hearing them on their own is not as good it can provoke thought which is why I have been using them as intros, outros and background music in lessons (only during pair work activities and not constantly).

I think this all got started when myself and Ethan were getting ready for our Thailand trip and I decided that the soundtrack to The Beachshould provide the backdrop to our own adventure….or something like that!! In the aftermath of that trip I was then able to show my Thai photos to students with accompanying music which I felt added that certain ‘je ne said quoi’ to the moment. Plus, its always nice to bring some different music to class to add a bit of colour to the lesson.

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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