Christmas Party 2008

My company’s annual Christmas party took place in Shinjuku on Saturday but this year it was a bit different as the whole of our district in Nishi-Tokyo had one big party comprising about 180 students and 30 teachers. All in stark contrast to previous years’ much smaller intimate affairs.

The location was very nice and games were kept to a minimum with just a game of Bingo on the menu which seemed like it went on for ages. At least it got the students attention unlike the teacher introductions on stage that were heard by very few due to a cr*p sound system and a distinct lack of interest which was maybe because everyone else was busy mingling.

Thankfully I declined to take part in that ‘tumble-weed’ moment as I wanted to concentrate my energy on getting through as much alcohol as possible!! The same could not be said of the food which came and went in no time. I hardly got a look in there as no sooner had the food arrived it had gone as the food-obsessed Japanese lapped it up like flies around sh*t! All in all it was a fairly enjoyable evening and it flew by very quickly but the party continued elsewhere till first train in the morning.

   xmasparty13dec08 008

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