We Are The Champions!!

I raced home from work last Monday night (April 13th) to catch the end of Leicester versus Leeds United on Sky which was streamed live on live footy doctor. It culminated with a fantastic finale which, coupled with Peterborough’s defeat later that night, effectively ensured promotion for the Foxes.

The 20 minutes action I saw was surprisingly of very good quality but it wasn’t until last weekend that the League One title and promotion was ensured after a 2-0 win at Southend. I took the cowards option and avoided the first half by going running and it paid its dividends as we scored both goals within 15 minutes of me logging on to the internet on my return.

To celebrate(?) I have been doing a gap-fill listening exercise in some of my classes of the Queen song We are the champions(everything these days can relate to something I do in class it seems!) which is based around the students filling in the gaps with the relevant preposition and particle words such as after, on, to, through, of and so on.

I’m certainly no fan of Queen but the aforementioned song does have a little place in my heart as it blared out of the sound system in May 1996 after our last minute extra time winner in the Play Off Final. The irony of the situation was that we weren’t champions and in fact finished 6th in that season but we sure felt like champions on that day having won at the home of football in such dramatic fashion.

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