Japan Has A New World Record Holder

Warning: Those of a sensitive nature may not wish to read on!

Last week a Japanese man become the new world record holder in this activity. I’m sure he faced some pretty stiff opposition along the way and hopefully his competitors aren’t at home licking their wounds. The Japanese man concerned must be standing proud after achieving the record thereby coming first in that activity. Now its all over I guess he can raise a smile if nothing else! Who knows, maybe Japan will erect a statue in his honour!

The question everyone is asking now is whether he’ll be able to pull it off again next year. It might be a little hard to do it again but if he concentrates on the matter in hand then I am sure he will rise to the occasion and beat off the competition single handedly! From reading this article it really is quite astounding to see how serious the guy takes such a thing and who knew a world record for such a thing even existed!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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