Tokyo Dream Party Cosplay Convention

Back in Golden Week myself and Gideon went to Odaiba to see the Dream Party which was a very nerdy event jam-packed with men queueing up round the block just to buy some geeky merchandise from a stall. This part was fairly dull and meant nothing to us apart from getting a few photos of the girls on hand to promote an array of their companies anime, comics, figurines and characters.


There was also some thing taking place on stage but listening to the ever-so girlie squeaky voices for more than a few minutes is more than most westerners can tolerate. Quite why so many Japanese girls speak in such voices is beyond me but then again I’m not Japanese am I so I can probably never understand the appeal.

Thankfully the day was saved by the cosplay event which on the whole took place outside until the rain changed from the tolerable drizzle to something a bit more heavy.


Japanese girls just love to get dressed up as opposed to Western women who usually need a bit more of an excuse (in my not-so-knowledgable opinion!) to get dolled up. This is of course very pleasing on the eye for most men and you have to admire their efforts in more ways than one but on the other hand they do sometimes dress completely over the top such as wearing heels to go to the beach.


That is taken to the extreme by these cosplay (the Japanese word for costume roleplay which is very Japanese concept) events where girls (and a handful of men too) dress up in costumes based on manga characters. This event was going on outside the Tokyo Big Sight and to be honest its difficult to know what to make of such a phenomenon. I have no doubt that those in the Western world think that men (up to the age of about 60) taking photos of naive young girls is just not right and I agree with that thinking myself to an extent especially when they are asking the girls to get into some sexually suggestive positions.

However, this is Japan where many many things are done differently and their thinking for all I know may just be that they (both cosplayer and photographer) think its cute and will maybe catapult the cosplayer to becoming a model. Anyway, I don’t want to get too heavy on what is a fun, colourful event with costumes galore (of which I knew absolutely none!) which one has to admire for the effort put into them.


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