Giant Rugby Ball

To promote the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand as well as the country itself there has been a giant rugby ball at the base of Tokyo Tower for the last few days. The inside featured a virtual tour of the country but given that there was a queue when I was there last Friday I couldn’t be bothered to wait to enter so gave up. Besides, I spent a few months in the country back in 2002 so am practically an expert on the country!

I don’t know if any of those people waiting in line were rugby fans.  I somehow doubt it given the popularity of the game here and it will be very interesting to see how things fare over the next decade before Japan hosts the Rugby World Cup in 2019 which is the first time the tournament will have been held outside one of the major playing nations. On Saturday the National Stadium in Tokyo played host to the Bledisloe Cup game between Australia and New Zealand which was a match I wouldn’t have minded going to but I was put off by the sky-high ticket pricing which was between 7000 and 70,000 yen! However, given that 45,000 people did cough up the cash maybe there is a chance that Japan can pull it off as hosts in 10 years time.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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