Narimasu Exit And Re-Entry

At the end of September I not only left Tokiwadai school but I also departed from Narimasu school having been there since January 2006. I didn’t really want to leave but changes in the school districts meant I had no choice even though I lived quite close. However, two months on and I am now back there albeit only for a couple of hours on Wednesday evenings as part of a split-shift with another nearby school. To be honest, its a pain in the ar*e really as I am now working the maximum hours while also having to travel between two schools.

Having said that, my first day back in Narimasu was fortunate as I, along with my girlfriend, had arranged to meet up with my former evening class for the usual mix of drinks and food which can be seen in the first photo below. The next photo is from my last lesson with Yoshihiko and Kenta (where we played Star Wars Top Trumps as part of a lesson on comparatives and superlatives) and the one under that is from the end of May when Mami left our group.


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