Doing It By The Book

Not only did I bring back the cracker toy frogs from England at the start of the year but I also brought back a couple of books to use in some kids classes as part of a storytime session. I picked up these books cheaply in the charity shops in my hometown. One was a Winnie the Pooh (simply called Pooh or Pooh-chan over here) book about colours for the really young ‘uns and the other was a Ladybird book about time which the lower elementary students have been studying recently.


Obviously when you’re using a story book in a lesson the kids aren’t gonna understand so many of the words but this shouldn’t stop one from using these extra resources. Much is often written about the more exciting games which can be done in kids lessons but a few calming activities are needed of which this is one. It’s not something I plan to do too often but its nice every once in a while. Previously, I had only done a ‘Where’s Spot?’ (about Spot the Dog) book with kids and the art of using this (and other books) in lessons is to make it a two-way reading session with the kids taking it in turns to turn the page and eliciting colours, objects and animals from them constantly while also (kind of) concept checking the nouns which I usually just do by acting the fool and saying the wrong animal name which they recorrect. As long as the books are fairly short then they can be a welcome addition to the classroom.

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