Spring School 2010

I thought I had avoided having to do Spring School this year but last Monday (March 29th) I got a fax saying I had to do this special two hour lesson on the last day of March before doing my regular day on top of that. All in all it wasn’t too bad though the material wasn’t great or maybe it was because the two students were both very good for their level and I can rather proudly say that they have both been taught by me; one in the past and one presently.


These Spring schools are based on a theme with this one being ‘Space’ with some simple lexical items taught and used in ways that were very familiar to both students. With that I am referring to prepositions, clothing, colour words, number words and ‘this v that’. I could have basically finished all the material in about a quarter of the given time so had to use all my teaching skills to pad out the lesson with a load of fun games using the target language.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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