TF Film Review: Shutter Island (2010)

When Leonardo DiCaprio burst onto the scene big-time after ‘Titanic’ I wasn’t taken in by all the hype around him. That may be because I am a straight hetrosexual man! However, thirteen years on and I have grown to be quite a fan of his acting with special recognition going to his roles portrayed in Blood Diamond’, ‘The Beach’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘The Departedand most of his other non-wussy films.

His latest movie was released in Japan yesterday (no doubt it was released in Britain and the U.S a while ago as is always the case with films over this way) and I went along to my nearby cinema to see it.

At 138 minutes Shutter Island is inevitably a bit too long for my liking (and for my comfort) but I have to say that I certainly wasn’t waiting for it to end. It’s difficult to say too much about what happens without giving any spoilers so I’ll just say that the plot was far heavier than I expected. In fact it was almost a horror film as much as it was a thriller or crime story. What I thought I was watching turned out to be something very different by the end thanks to the flashbacks and plot twists within the picture. Now I know the outcome I’d like to go back through it but that will have to wait till its available to rent.

Shutter Island

Tokyo Fox Rating 8/10

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