Euro Trip 2010 Pt III: Home Of FIFA

On the morning I left Zurich for Liechtenstein I went to the home of FIFA which I hadn’t expected to as I thought it was further out of the city. The home of the world’s governing body of football is located near the zoo in the north-east of Zurich. I hadn’t seen it mentioned or even on a map in any guidebook but on the morning I was leaving my hostel I got a map and realised it was very possible to go and see what was there.


Neither Sepp Blatter or Michel Platini were there to greet me on my arrival. In fact, no-one was, as I just walked in and no-one stopped me. It’s not as if there was actually much there – just a handful of trophies inside and artificial, sand and mini pitches outside. Like many though I just expected the home of such an important organisation to not be so accessible to random people turning up of which I was inevitably the only one! Sadly the conference room wasn’t accessible but I was free to roam the huge foyer area which, after reading a pamphlet I picked up there, sets benchmarks for the environment in terms of its zero-emissions.


Outside was far more impressive with the pitches and a meandering footpath leading through beautifully landscaped gardens which are split up into the six football continents with special plants from each one catching the eye. Not mine though as I didn’t know any of this until after my visit but I could still appreciate it all.


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