Euro Trip 2010 Pt II: Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

I went to Liechtenstein and all I got was a lousy passport stamp! Of course there’s a lot more to this tiny country than that and Vaduz (where I went) isn’t the be-all and end-all but most people seemingly go there just to be able to say that they have done so! A bit sad of course but even the locals know that the majority of tourists are usually just passing through and it’s how they make their money. Three Euro’s for the aforementioned stamp and a now or never moment so I stumped up the cash.


Talking of stamps, that is another main trade for this country as they are considered to be very rare but I kept my money in my pocket on that one as I couldn’t be bothered to write a postcard there and then.

I was actually looking forward to my day trip to Vaduz as I was curious to see a capital city which has a population of just over 5000 people. It is basically just one shopping street full of restaurants, souvenir shops and a few museums with a castle up in the hills behind it and that is where I started. As I was moving between Zurich and Lucerne I had to do it with my backpack and all but it wasn’t so bad and the views of the castle and the city were quite wonderful with lots of cultivated fields and small farms forming the landscape.


In the distance I could see the football stadium (for the national team and FC Vaduz) known as Rheinpark Stadion so once I’d descended I set off in that direction which was a 10 minute walk away from the main strip and of course no other tourist was in sight. It has a capacity of 6,127 and unlike any other stadium I was able to just walk into this one and snap away with my camera. Well I don’t know if I was able to but I did anyway and no-one intervened!

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