News Of My Flood Is Finally Leaked!

I was woken up in the early hours of the 14th September by a dripping sound coming from my kitchen area. Initially I thought I had just left my tap on as anyone else would probably think. However, on closer inspection water was pouring through the roof but it wasn’t due to the heavy rain which had occurred the previous evening as that had stopped.

With very little in the way of buckets or pans in my place I was left to just stare and wonder what to do. I went upstairs to the apartment above where I was shocked to see water absolutely gushing out from under the door. I rang their bell a few times but no answer. I was starting to get a bit more anxious when my neighbours door opened and he could be seen trying to sweep out the water which was really coming through his roof and causing damage among his many items in that entrance foyer part of our apartments. I noticed that he had put down a few bin liner’s down to minimise the damage so I rushed back into my apartment and got some old unused bags from drawer and lay them down across the kitchen area in a way that would best catch and funnel the leaking water into the sink.

Eventually the landlord turned up and was able to turn off the water supply and enter the upstairs apartment which it turns out was vacant. An old pipe had gone rusty and then broke causing the mayhem that had resulted in us three guys having our sleep interrupted. Morning had already broken by the time things had calmed down. My neighbour had to have some new flooring put down, the guy downstairs from him had some damage to his ceiling and I was lucky to escape with nothing more than a couple hours less sleep!

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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