Prague Pt II: Bourne, Amadeus & The Sex Machines Museum

Most of the main Prague locations will be mentioned in ‘Prague Pt III’ and ‘Prague Pt IV’. This entry will include the rest and we start with Kampa Park across the river from the Old Town which featured in the opening 11 minutes of ‘The Bourne Identity‘ (2002) and is where Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) duffs up a couple of Zurich policemen (as Prague was used as a substitute for the Swiss city) after they wake him up from his sleep on a bench by the Certovka stream near Charles Bridge. He then runs away through the park (below) passing the tree which I am lurking behind in the next shot.


Nearby were a trio of sculptures which were just crying out for this type of photo (above) to be done!

It seems that Prague is rarely ever used to portray itself as it fills in for Vienna in the 1984 film ‘Amadeus‘. I’ve not seen it but it features in a lovely book I got from my parents for Christmas. Maltese Square was supposedly the setting of a lively market scene but when I was there it was far from lively. Almost empty in fact! St. Giles’ Church at Husova 8 was where Mozart and Constanze got married in the film. Hopefully that will mean something to someone!


Mid afternoon I found myself in Old Town Square and from there I went down Melantrichova (that’s the street name by the way) to the Sex Machines Museum. I didn’t even know about this place until Richard (not to be confused with Richard Richard!) and Mizuki told me about it only hours before I left them in London to fly to the Czech capital.


This place was quite expensive by Czech standards but I thought I better take up the opportunity to go to such a unique museum and very amusing it was too. Spread out over three floors there were over 200 weird and wonderful objects and mechanical appliances on view but don’t worry as I am not going to detail any of them! The place included a cinema with some very old erotic films playing and so exciting was it that I actually fell asleep briefly as I hadn’t taken a break all day.

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