Dining Out: Zakuro

A couple of Sunday’s ago I went to ‘Zakuro’ which is a Persian restaurant in Nippori. My friend Peter found this place online and thought it might be interesting for a night out……and it was……although we probably won’t be rushing back! Call me boring but I don’t really like places where fun is supposedly created for you. Part of our 2000 yen course (plus 1000 all-you-can-drink) included not just a huge selection of food but also a belly dance.

I’d never seen a belly dancer live before and this particular dancer was very beautiful. I think she danced for about four songs but when the owner of the place (providing commentary and lines which he no doubt repeats every time!) pulled a girl up on stage to dance with the professional I knew the writing was on the wall for me or Peter as the only foreigners in the place.

Inevitably it was me who got pulled up ‘on stage’ (well, the middle of the floor where the dance was taking place!) which was of course embarrassing as I have no dancing ability. I don’t think anyone cared about that though or really took any notice of my ‘moves’. Another guy joined in and we tried to bend as far back as possible whilst on our knees and then he walked off so I followed too. In hindsight I should have taken over the dancing by performing the legendary David Brent dance from series two of The Office!


Peter was chosen next (above right) with some other random girl to do some pointless blowing out candles on a birthday cake activity (it was no-ones birthday!) though it did provide some entertainment as rather than feed each other (via linked arms) they chose to shove it in the face of the annoying host…albeit in a joking way.

The layout of the place was very basic with everything on the floor including the table which can make it difficult for us westerners who can’t stretch our legs out under the table a bit like in traditional Japanese restaurants. The walls were covered with belly dancer costumes and other middle-eastern attire and on walking in I knew it would be the kind of place where they try and get everyone up and dancing! As for the Iranian/Turkish/Uzbekistani food, it could only be deemed as alright. I didn’t falafel (feel awful!) the next morning but it was nothing special and believe it or not if it had been better I would have enjoyed this middle-eastern experience more.

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