Get Your Kits Out For The Lads!

The above photo of Leicester’s Japan player Yuki Abe in the new shirt appeared on the official club site today. According to them the new design takes a “classic, retro style with a modern twist” which sounds like your typical marketing bullsh*t which is used these days. Though pretty similar it does seem to be an improvement on the last few shirts with the white bits thankfully gone and the badge reverting to where I feel it should be rather than in the middle. A collar is also re-introduced for the first time in almost a decade and as much as I like collars this is often a downfall in terms of it being too big (such as in 2000-2002) or the neckline is so loose that one needs to wear a t-shirt underneath to avoid catching a cold.

When I was younger the launch of the new kit was so exciting and for the 20 years after 1984 I always got either the home or away shirt which was more to do with it being an easy present for my parents to get me for my birthday just before the new season kicks off. The one year cycle of shirts (and getting older) put me off getting the shirts and I don’t plan to get this one. At the end of the day a shirt becomes legendary if the team does well or wins something whilst wearing it so lets hope that Sven can get the team promoted to the Premier League in this next season. I am personally interested to see if anyone in Asia will be seen wearing it given that they are on sale in Bangkok Airport (due to our Thai connections) and that we have a Japanese player among our ranks. If that does happen I will be asking to have my photo taken with that person as Leicester shirts just aren’t seen outside of Leicestershire!

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