Turkey 2011 Pt III: Istanbul Day 2

History has taught me that I’m not one to truly appreciate museums so on my second day in Istanbul I decided to not bother going inside Aya Sofya and instead chose to visit Topkapi Palace Museum which was packed. Both places were 20TL entry each and my preference was Topkapi as I’m a fan of the 1964 film of the same name starring Peter Ustinov.


You even get scanned on the way in which is presumably to stop anyone trying to repeat the antics of that movie. My tripod was taken away as a rule. My main goal was to see the Topkapi dagger which featured prominently in the film. Locating this part of the place wasn’t easy as no map is given to visitors with the entry ticket which is very rare in this day and age.


The afternoon was spent in Grand Bazaar. Even though I hate shopping that was by choice but I soon realised it wasn’t for me and decided to leave but could I find my way out?! It took me well over an hour to escape the place!


The Basilica Cistern was next and with temperatures reaching 35 degrees it was a nice cool break from the heat, and far more interesting than I thought it would be.


After spending a bit of time around the harbour at Eminonu (where I bought one of the most disgusting drinks ever) I decided to brave the Spice Bazaar.


This place was full of colourful spices, dried fruit, Turkish delight, teas, soaps and so on, and to my amazement I actually found it very interesting and managed to pick up a few cheap souvenirs too.


A bit later on I got shat on by a bird which is supposedly a sign of luck though I’m not too sure I agree with that!

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