Donald Ducks In N’ Out Of Tokyo (Again)

My number one Belgian mate Donald was in town again recently. In fact he actually came for two weeks spending the first one in Tokyo and the second one in Kansai (where Kyoto and Osaka are for those not in the know). We first met in Palawan in the Philippines in 2007 and he visited Tokyo and me later that year  and having not heard too much from him for a while (he wasn’t in Belgium when I went there back in January as he lives in Beijing these days) I unexpectedly got a mail from him the other week saying he was coming and that he wanted to meet up which was very nice. We did indeed meet up despite my very busy schedule during that period. Too few people that I know actually visit Tokyo and thats not likely to change given the events of March 11th this year.


Last Saturday I met him and Bing after work and we went out in Shibuya to catch up and have a few drinks. Sadly I couldn’t have a big session as I had a work event the following day although some may regard just over four hours as a pretty big one! We met up again later in the week for a quick pint and that is it until the next time I guess. Who will be the next person I know to visit Tokyo?

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