USA 2011 Pt I: Prelude

Over the last three and a half years or so I’ve been tracking down the shooting locations from a wide range of films and while I’m fairly content with what I’ve done in Tunisia, Italy, Japan, Thailand, England and so on I feel that there is a big hole in my research. My five favourite movie franchises are James Bond, Star Wars, Terminator, Karate Kid and Back to the Future. I’ve managed to cover the first two to a great extent but the latter three have been pretty much untouched. Actually, thats not quite true as I did go to Universal Studio’s back in May 2002 at the end of my around-the-world trip. Whilst there I saw the clock-tower from Hill Valley (below) in the Back to the Future trilogy. Anyway, I’d love to see some of that films non-studio locations of which quite a few are dotted around L.A. as are some from the Terminator films. Hopefully that will then bring about a bit of closure to my filming locations fascination. Then again, maybe it won’t!!


I will be meeting my number one American mate Ethan (who I went on many snowboarding and theme park trips with when he lived in Japan) in LA where we will be based for a few days before we head on up to Death Valley via rent-a-car and then onto Las Vegas. A couple of nights there and then we are flying down to El Paso in Texas (right on the border of New Mexico and actual Mexico itself) which is where Ethan lives with his wife Kaori and their daughter.

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