Meeting Baby George

Without doubt the highlight of my trip back to Britain was seeing my nephew for the first time and no doubt if my sister is reading this then she will be spitting her porridge out at the computer screen in shock! She gave birth to George at the end of April last year and I finally got to meet the little fella on my arrival back in London on December 22nd.


He really is such a cute boy with his glaring blue eyes and soft fair hair and it was a joy to watch him going about his daily business which needless to say doesn’t involve much more than sleeping which he is very good at! The highlights of his day seems to be the milk bottle which he laps up like anything. Sticking things in his mouth is what he tends to do especially when remote controls and mobile phones are in his vicinity. Usually though it’s just his two fingers which remain lodged in his gob, even in between each and every mouthful of his dinner!


He’s got loads of nice toys which he likes to play with including my Christmas present for him which was a rainbow hoop builder-thing. However, give him an empty plastic milk carton and a wooden spoon and he’s in his element! It was fun watching him in his standing-up cart contraption playing the spot spoon and seeing him throw it on the floor whereby he then peered over the edge wondering where it was.


You’ve got feel a bit sorry for George though as he’s being brought up as a Nottingham Forest fan as his dad and Grandmother are both fans of our East Midlands rivals. Of course he hasn’t said, or been able to say, anything about this decision but its very rare that football fans get to choose their club!


Overall he’s a delightful baby (how long will that last for?!) and it shouldn’t be too long before he’s standing without help and speaking a more decipherable language than what sounds like the occasional ‘dada’. It will be interesting to see how much he’s advanced by the time I next see him.

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