Music Videos Filmed In Japan #1 The Killers – ‘Read My Mind’ (2007)

Las Vegas band ‘The Killers‘ are one of my favourite American indie-rock bands with an impressive range of hit singles over the years and an easy-on-the-ear sound which is appealing to many different listener types particularly us British people it would seem as they are very popular in the UK.

‘Read My Mind’ was one of four singles released from their second album; 2006’s ‘Sam’s Town‘ and was released in the UK early the following year with the accompanying video being filmed around Tokyo.


Lets start in Shinjuku then where the majority of the filming took place. Frontman Brandon Flowers is seen on Yasukuni dori across the road from the Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) store on the corner at 1-16-5 Kabuki-cho. The various other scenes are intercut with this footage of him singing roadside.


A short distance up the road brings you to ‘Hakata Tenjin at 1-6-6 Kabukicho and though  guitarist Dave Keuning can be seen playing outside one of these ramen restaurants its NOT this one. The one seen in the video is 1-11-1 Kabukicho but has since closed with something else in its place. It should be noted that this is the entertainment and red light district of Shinjuku with lots of host & hostess bars, love hotels, shops, restaurants and nightclubs which may explain why there are many men just ‘hanging around’ this area trying to entice customers to come into their place and part with some hard cash.


There is a scene of them in a park with some school children and one would hazard a guess that its Yoyogi Park but it really could be anywhere and I’m buggered if I’m gonna take this geeky hobby of mine to the levels of finding out which one they filmed in! Having said that….if anyone reading this knows on good authority where it was then let me know!

The crazy bicycles scene was shot in Asakusabashi with the band riding a penny-farthing, recumbent bicycle, a lowrider bicycle and a normal bicycle decorated with ram’s horns.


The shrine which they pass, featuring two Japanese ladies in traditional wear, is just behind Asakusa-bashi station on the JR and Toei Asakusa lines and its address is 1-29-11 Asakusabashi in Taito-ku.


In the video it seems like they are riding in one direction but once they pass the shrine entrance we see them basically just cycling back in the same direction they just came from which can be noticed by the office building with red panelling in the distance of each screenshot before and after the shrine ones.


The black balloon release location (below) is also in Asakusabashi with the Nihonbashi Girls High School visible behind the wall where the band are stood. Thanks to Mike in the comments for details of this. A picture of this location will appear here soon….

The band are also seen in a Japanese game centre (arcade) playing on the guitars and drums (below).


Japanese TV character ‘Gachapin‘ (above), a green, bucktoothed dinosaur, also features in the video interacting with the band including its concluding moments where he is sleeping in a capsule hotel with a band member.

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13 Responses to Music Videos Filmed In Japan #1 The Killers – ‘Read My Mind’ (2007)

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  2. Shawn says:

    But who is the Japanese Elvis?

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  4. Shoe says:

    What the fuck is that shoe between your legs?! XD

    Your photoshop art director should be fired lol

  5. Bert says:

    Nice work. That’ was just the info I was curious about.

  6. Mariah says:

    I’m disappointed that the Hakata Tenjin Ramen shop isn’t still there, I lived in Fukuoka for a bit, so I miss Kyushu Ramen! Also I love The Killers, so this would have been the perfect combo.

    I know this article is 4 years old, but great job on your research.

  7. Dean says:

    Great to see your analysis. I will visit Tokyo this week, and wanted to do a Killers tour. Silly me, I saw the zebra crossing and assumed it was the big one at Shibuya. Do you think the Japanese Elvis was shot separately? Look at 1:39. Brandon looks green-screened. Also one of the bike scenes looks fake – see 1:51 just after the have turned the corner. Don’t get me started on the homoeroticism and plushophilia.

    • tokyofox says:

      Have a great trip to Tokyo Dean and many thanks for your comment. I think you could be right actually re the green screen. Just watched that bit again and brandon and Elvis both look as if they’re not actually there. Likewise the other one you mentioned.

  8. Mike says:

    You didn’t mention the black balloon release location. That’s also in Asakusabashi. If you follow the road the shrine is on south, under the train tracks until you can’t go any farther (because you’re up to the Kanda River), then you are at the wall where they released the balloons with the Nihonbashi Girls High School visible behind. I guess the address would be Asakusabashi 1-1.

    • tokyofox says:

      Thanks Mike. It has been added to the post. To be honest, I never thought it worthy of inclusion or investigation when I originally scouted out these locales. I will get on it soon though. Thanks for the info

  9. Jason says:

    Thank you very much. Your post is really useful to me even after six years. I want to go to Tokyo follow those locations.

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