Dining Out: L’Azure (Tunisian)

It often gets forgotten that when I went to Tunisia in August 2009 the holiday wasn’t only about things to do with Star Wars. Whilst that did take up the majority of my attention I did see and do a fair few other things too such as eating local food including camel steaks. Hungry to sample some more Tunisian food I headed to Shin Okubo last Friday. Now, this area may be more synonymous with Korean food but there are many other international restaurants there including two serving Tunisian cuisine. As ‘Sahara’ also included Moroccan fare I chose to go to ‘L’Azure’ which can be found at 1-24-8 Hyakunincho in Shinjuku-ku. The fact that this one also served a lunch menu (between 11.00am and 2.30pm) and the other one didn’t, made my decision easier.


When my girlfriend and I arrived just after midday the place was full to capacity which perhaps isn’t too hard given that the place is tiny and only seats about 20 people. The place is decorated in a blue colour with lots of typical Tunisian objects and there is a choice of two lunch courses for 800-900 yen which is extremely good value for such a place.

I went for the lasagne, rice and salad which wasn’t good. It was great! Not sure how much of a truly Tunisian dish it is though! Also included was a fruit dessert and a special type of coffee but I declined that thinking it would be the end of it. However, the owner Mourad later asked me if I’d prefer a mint tea which I agreed to without hesitation. Once everyone else had paid-up and gone we got speaking to the multi-lingual owner about the restaurant and inevitably I bored him with where I had been in the north African country a few years previous.


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