So, Who Exactly Is My Girlfriend?

She’s been mentioned on this site (and this site only!) for quite a while. We’ve been together much, much longer than that and a couple of months ago I finally confirmed it properly on here following rumours around my workplace about my relationship status.

Talking about girlfriends is a bit of a weakness of mine and something I have rarely done over the years. For that reason, most people usually just assume I’m single (“between relationships” as I preferred to say back in the day!) or gay!!

Now I know all of this already sounds way more pretentious than I ever intended but in these times of ‘everything being out there’ on the internet that’s the way it is I guess. I feel I reveal more than enough about myself on here so its quite nice to hold something back but with friends and colleagues jumping to wrongful conclusions every time I mention the name of a lady friend or post a photo of us or whatever (which is not that often) I thought it was time to finally set the record straight.

A handful of people know about our relationship and I’m a little surprised we’ve got this far (especially given what I’m about to reveal!) without word getting out or maybe, just maybe, no-one really gives a sh*t and why on earth should they to be honest?!! Anyway, rather than let the story do the company gossip rounds I thought it best to say it myself.

Contrary to some rumours my partner is not: a) a student b) a man c) an older woman! No, instead she is actually a few years younger than me and has a couple of jobs; one is doing translation work for a company who organise study abroad programmes for Japanese students and the other is…… at the same company I work for!! Yes, that’s right we both work at the same 英会話 but don’t work together and indeed hardly ever have. Anyway, that’s obviously how we met and the rest is history! I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to have found love at work and am very proud that she is my girlfriend.

P1020380  IMG_1979

We are, dare I say it, in a fairly settled stage of our relationship now and both very happy so it’s probably about time to let this big secret of mine out.

IMG_0994  IMG_2038

Right, that’s as much as you’re getting out of me!! Lets get on with what provides the bulk of Tokyo Fox’s hundreds of daily hits and that’s filming locations information, world travel, English teaching ideas, day trips from Tokyo, analysis of films ‘set’ in Japan, international restaurant reviews with tenuous links to something else, pointless cycling expeditions and pigeon-holing Japanese mannerisms and behaviour into varying contexts!

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