SE Asia 2013/14 Pt VI: Chiang Mai (Thailand)

The curtain came down on our 2013 (and indeed 2014 began) in the lively mountain city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Our time in the city coincided with the Winter Fair around the Tha Phae Gate area, where we were staying, which was great as it meant there was an abundance of northern Thai food being sold and we spent two nights there sampling all sorts of things with each one only costing around a $1 each. I was keen to try Thai sausage (oo-er!) which was way spicier than I expected.

IMG_3686  IMG_3651  IMG_3684  IMG_3693  IMG_3683  IMG_3677

During our time in Chiang Mai the sky was full of specially lit lanterns (above) every night, particularly New Years Eve, which many people were setting off whilst making a wish for the new year. This was actually something I had never seen and it was quite a spectacle to watch.

On New Years Day we did a walking tour of the town loosely based on yet another Lonely Planet walking tour; my third time on this trip to follow in the footsteps of the travel guidebook giants! First up was Wat Chedi Leung which proved to be an interesting start and not just for the appearance of the place. As much as the elephant sculptures (a mix of original and restored) were impressive the highlight was a young Thai girl who ran up to me saying “photo”. I just assumed she wanted me to take a picture of her and her friend but she wanted a picture with me! At the time I was wearing both my hat and glasses which I nearly always take off for photos but I decided to keep them both on as that was how she had spotted me and I didn’t want to risk her changing her mind once I’d removed them! Its not often I get called “cool” or “handsome” but this girl said so which made my day and my girlfriend was happy too as she was relieved to know she wasn’t the only one!

P1030797  P1030801  P1030799  P1030803

Wat Phan Tao was pretty much next door and quite an interesting little temple in appearance with all its outside features like the little red umbrellas seen below.

P1030808  P1030812  P1030809  P1030811

Continuing on down Ratchadamnoen Road via a lunch-stop we arrived at Wat Phra Singh which would be our final temple for the day. I think three Wat’s is enough for anyone in one day! This one was much busier and with the buddhist chanting being piped through speakers dotted around the place it wasn’t exactly a peaceful and tranquil place so we left.

P1030816  P1030817

One of the quirkiest things to do in the city is visit Chiang Mai Womens Prison to receive a massage from a prisoner. Strange but true. However, the place was full when we got there so we sadly never had the chance to rub shoulders, or indeed have our shoulders and the rest of our body rubbed by a criminal.

P1030820  IMG_3699

Anusawari Sam Kasat (Three Kings Monument) was pretty much next door and is a bit of a power spot for locals who could be seen leaving flower offerings at their bronze feet in the hope that they get blessed in some way by the three kings.

IMG_0673  IMG_3706

After a fair bit of walking we treated ourselves to yet another ‘Dr Fish’ fish-spa as part of a package which also included a very nice foot massage.

IMG_3703  IMG_3702  IMG_3705  IMG_3711  IMG_3985  IMG_3986

Before returning to Bangkok we checked off a few more Thai delicacies and walked around the night bazaar, just off Chang Klan Road, which was more of the same for me but I’m not a woman nor a shopping lover! In fact the majority of Thailand seems to just be one big open market!!

IMG_3998  IMG_3999  IMG_4001  IMG_4007

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