Luke Who Turned Up For Halloween! (Pt II)

There really isn’t too much to add in the way of words to what I wrote in ‘Luke Who Turned Up For Halloween! Pt I‘ but this time on arriving at Hachiko exit of Shibuya station we were actually met by the sight of hundreds of cosplayers celebrating Halloween night. The main difference for me was that this time I was equipped with my lightsaber which I hadn’t bothered to take out in the previous Saturday.

IMG_6021  IMG_6027

It didn’t take too long for the TV news crews to approach and yet again I was interviewed; this time by TBS but after my three interviews ended up on the scrap heap last week I certainly won’t be holding too much hope of any of it making the cut when it airs on Monday lunchtime!

IMG_6045  IMG_6062  IMG_6074  IMG_6077 

Batman (a.k.a. Neil the nurse from the previous weekends event) and I teamed up again and wandered the streets with the odd convenience store beer for comfort. No point in bothering with bars as all the action is on the streets with Center Gai and the streets running parallel all packed full of snap-happy people.

IMG_6090  IMG_6089  IMG_6029  IMG_6079  IMG_6087  IMG_6092  IMG_6030  IMG_6033  IMG_6036  IMG_6037  IMG_6040  IMG_6048  IMG_6046  IMG_6059  IMG_6051  IMG_6063  IMG_6085  IMG_6084  10712809_10152821543944666_3755671858090437327_n  IMG_6035  IMG_6047  IMG_6064  IMG_6067  IMG_6070  IMG_6024  IMG_6032  IMG_6039  IMG_6056  IMG_6028  IMG_6081

Having walked home on Saturday night I wasn’t gonna make that mistake again as I had work in the morning. The experience of last year taught me that one needs to start heading to the station at least an hour before your intended train due to extreme crowding and Hachiko exit was absolutely rammed and it took about 30 minutes to get from the gate to the platform to board an overly full train.

You can read ‘Luke Who Turned Up For Halloween! (Pt I)’ here

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