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Tokyo Daytripper: Lighthouses, Observation Towers, Beaches, Quaint Stations, Memories & A Fish Shrine At Chiba’s Most Easterly Point

  Seeing the first sunrise of the new year is a popular tradition for some Japanese people. As you might expect, some of the most common places to be in the very early hours of  January 1st are by the … Continue reading

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This Unique Fish Shrine Is A Great Plaice To Visit

From time to time one needs to trout themselves to a day out so earlier this year I went to one of Tokyo’s neighbouring prefectures. It was a ridiculously early start as I left home just after 5:00 am and took … Continue reading

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Visiting Every Station On The Quaintest Rural Line In The Greater Tokyo Area

  Whilst all city stations in Japan are generally in very good condition, the countryside ones can be a different story. One such place that I’d seen online which looked like it was stuck in a bygone era was located … Continue reading

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