Tokyo Daytripper: Tokyo Daibutsu In Shimo-Akatsuka

When I came back from my Okinawa trip recently my students wanted to see my photos which resulted in me boring them with all the photos on my computer. One remarked that I must like Daibutsu as I had photos of the famous ones in Nara and Kamakura as well as the record breaking ones in Ushiku (the worlds tallest Budha at 120 metres high) and Nokogiri-yama (Japan’s largest) where I went a few weeks ago. I denied this but having said such a remark I ended up visiting yet another one today.

I work on one of my days in a place called Akatsuka and finally got off my backside today and took the 20 minute walk to see the the not-so-originally named Tokyo Daibutsu which I had never had time to visit during my working day. Despite the accolade of being Japans 3rd largest I don’t think it features in any guide books and is a little off the beaten track.

It was a fairly pleasant area and well away from the crowds and worth checking out if you’re in the area but maybe not a place to go out of your way to get to. There was a temple in the grounds and a quite nice Japanese lake packed full of carp. The day wasn’t as nice as I had expected as it was very cloudy and looking like it could have rained at any moment but luckily it held off.

Anyway, thats that checked off now and hopefully I wont feel inclined to see another buddha statue again but no doubt I’ll hear about another one which is billed as being the biggest, the tallest, the biggest reclining or whatever other bullsh*t can be fed to us gullible tourists!

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