World Cup 2006 – Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Finally got round to experiencing my first World Cup game in a bar last night. I was working till 10pm so rushed to a bar with a colleague to watch Japans opener against Australia. We tried and failed to get into ‘ Cafe’ which is a shrine to regular Bolton bench-warmer Hidetoshi Nakata who is maybe Japan’s greatest export. Instead we ended up in some tiny secluded flashy upstairs bar in Shibuya where a small selection of buiness workers had gathered to watch the match.

I think the Japanese in there thought we were maybe Aussies at first but after one of them overheard me saying that I hated the ever-gloating Aussie sports teams we got chatting. This was at exactly the same time that Japan broke the deadlock with what was a very dodgy goal. The second half then followed Englands negative sitting-back style a bit with the big difference of course being that England held on whereas the Aussies came from behind to hit the Japanese with three late goals.

The final whistle just before midnight here saw thousands and thousands of deflated Japanese supporters heading for the stations and their homes crying into their sushi! One of my students today thinks that the World Cup is already over for them. We shall have to see about that but with Croatia and Brazil to come it could well be the end after their Leicester City-style act of throwing away last nights game.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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