A Different Ball Game!

Well what a cr*p game played in very difficult weather conditions that was! No, I’m not talking about England’s World Cup opener but about baseball having just been to my first ever game last night.

It was absolutely p*ssing it down with rain yet again when I met my mate Colin and some of his friends to go and watch reigning champions Chiba Lotte Marines against the Yomiuri Giants who I consider to be the Manchester United of baseball in Japan and so are hated for that reason alone by me!

Contrary to what many might believe, baseball is the number one sport in Japan. I knew bugger all about the game beforehand and, after watching this game, I can safely say that I still know nothing!! It was actually quite refreshing to be able to take whatever we liked into the stadium so we naturally took in many beers purchased cheaply from the convenience store.

In terms of results, I think Colin beat me in the drinking stakes by a couple! For anyone who gives a sh*t, Chiba won the baseball not that I understood why but I did enjoy the spectacle and atmosphere. The highlight of the day was seeing the many cute J-girls who constantly served the crowd with alcohol beverages from the beer tanks on their backs. These girls deserve credit for the way they have to keep running up and down the steep steps in the name of selling beer to the crowd!

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