World Cup 2006 – Japan 0 Croatia 0

Having surrendered their lead in the first match against the Aussies it was time to put the right wrong for the Japanese last night. I went to a much more lively bar in Shibuya this time to see a game which did no favours for the Japanese or the Croatians but it does offer a tiny glimmer of hope for the final match unklike many other groups where the qualifiers have already been decided before the last games even kick off.

Its all too common to see Japanese football fans wearing England or Brazil shirts but the opposite rarely happens. With this in mind I wore my ‘Nakamura 10’ Japan home shirt and got many pleasant as well as strange reactions.

The atmosphere was good and it was nice that we actually found a ground level bar in Tokyo which is very rare given the nature of the high rise builldings that dominate the capitals skyline.


The one major difference between Japanese and English supporters is the excitement which is created in terms of goalmouth action. Us English fans tend to only get excited when there is actually a reasonable goalscoring opportunity but for the Japanese to get wildly (over)excited the ball only needs to be in and around the last 25 metres or so. If the ball is in in this area then the excitement reaches fever pitch regardless of whether the ball is anywhere nearing hit the back of the net.

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