World Cup 2006 – The Swiss Roll Over Africans Togo Top Of Group G

Having failed to get in on our previous two visits (refused entry to the Japan games because tickets needed to be purchased in advance) myself and Asif went to Cafe in Aoyama on Monday night. As I said in a previous post, this bar is a shrine to the Japanese midfielder. Thats one way of looking at it. The more cynical among us would maybe suggest that his name is used to promote the bar to the gullible!!

We arrived just in time to see Switzerland and Togo play on a huge screen in a “soccer lounge” with a line of laptops on one side, raised rows of seats on the other, a load of unused tables on the large floorspace and a sort of terraced area facing the screen with comfy seats which is where we sat. They have tried to create a kind-of-stadium feel which is possibly enhanced by the games not having commentary and just the stadium sound.

With an entrance fee of 3000 yen we got five vouchers for drinks or food. A tad more than I usually pay but for a one-off it’ll do. While the bar was a bit flash and poncey the food was very much sub-standard. Would be good to be in this bar when its full and with atmosphere but the Swiss game was only attended by a few die-hards.

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