Dining Out: Catch Of The Day!

Had a day off on Wednesday so my girlfriend and I went for a quick wander around Shinjuku Gyoen (garden) which features three garden types: England, France and Japan itself. However it was still a bit too early to see a big change in Autumn leave colours with only a small percentage being yellow and red and the remainder still red.

After that we went to a fish restaurant on the west side which is set out like a ship with the surrounding waters being full of fish. You can catch the various fish and have them cooked for you at a slightly cheaper price than those who can’t be bothered to go rod in hand and dip their tackle in to see what bites!

BBC Four Japan Season  BBC Four Japan Season  BBC Four Japan Season          

The only time I have ever been fishing was in Nelson in New Zealand where I caught one straight away and then instantly quit while I was ahead. This time was a little different though and not just because I wasn’t actually at sea. It won’t surprise some of you to know that I was trying to catch the cheapest of fish but inevitably and inadvertently ended up attracting the most expensive one available. We had part of it fried and the rest given in sashimi style and very nice it was too.

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