Christmas In Japan

Time for my inevitable ‘Christmas in Japan’ blog entry. The idea of Christmas hadn’t even entered my head when I saw a plastic tree at work towards the end of November which I subsequently helped decorate. Far far too early to be doing such a thing in my opinion but as its for a business and not at home it was a little more acceptable given that most other places were already caked in Christmas decorations.

Next up was the company party last Saturday night which was two hours of free booze and food for us teachers at a British bar filled with over 100 students from a small handfull of local schools. Very cramped it was indeed but nevertheless enjoyable and also nice to see a few of my students and ex-students in a non-classroom situation.

P1020638 P1020639 P1000663 P1000673 P1000683 P1000678

Despite having only been to the very same place about six weeks ago I couldn’t find it for ages so I arrived 10 minutes late which is my possible lame excuse (needed to ‘make up’ those 10 mins as it was all-you-can-drink) for getting so drunk that I couldn’t even read the words in karaoke later. My resulting actions were to take the ‘I think I’ll just lie down here for a moment’ option. I finally woke up at about 6am and left with a couple of others once we’d paid the somewhat excessive bill. I could have stayed in a hotel for the night at the same price!!

As for Christmas in Japan, I still find the idea of it a little strange as the 25th is just a regular working day with no fuss and bother being made about anything by the majority of people. Maybe thats not so strange in itself but what is is the fact that the build up is hyped up to the full with the decorations and songs being wheeled out year after year. This will be my fourth Christmas away from home and the third in Asia though given the huge difference in climate between Vietnam/Cambodia and Japan I guess it will be like when I spent the ‘main’ day on the beach in the sun in Perth in Australia five years ago. That to me probably felt more different to me than the two in Japan as warm weather just does not feel like a true Christmas to me.

My Christmas message comes courtesy of Bart Simpson – “Aren’t we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.” 

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2 Responses to Christmas In Japan

  1. Ethan says:

    I see you managed to only take pictures with the biiirds. Were there no other LBH’s there other than yourself?

  2. The Whitemeister says:

    There is a simple reason why there are no photos of me with men at the party and that is because i’m not gay!! Seriously though, none of my male students went to that party. I’m sure there were many LBH’s there!
    On the subject of Christmas i finally got into the spirit of it last night. Watching a load of Christmas specials such as ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Office’ and ‘Bottom’ at the weekend failed to get me in the festive mood but a couple of post work drinks with a few colleagues did the job and we ended up having an all night bender including the inevitable karaoke session and an opportunity to sing some Christmas classics as well as my usual repertoire of songs. Got home at 6am and got my head down for a few hours before i went to work today.

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