Tobacco & Salt Museum

I don’t like smoking and I have never even tried it and I’m not just saying that because I know my parents will read this! Its a fact. I stopped adding salt to my food long ago so with that in mind it may be surprising that I paid a visit to the Tobacco & Salt Museum in Shibuya yesterday afternoon.

This is one of those quirky little museums found in Tokyo though it wasn’t quite on a par with the Parasite Museum in Meguro which I have visited twice for some reason. That museum had some of the most disgusting exhitbits such as elephantitis photos and a 30 foot long tapeworm. I kid you not!

In contrast, yesterdays visit was far more tame but I was curious about how such dull subject matter would be exhibited. The 100 yen (about 50 pence) entry provided me with an English pamphlet as the information was predominantly in Japanese which I didn’t really mind as I feel more obliged to read everything when it’s in English and then it usually fails to lodge in my brain anyway. Besides who really cares so much about the history and production of these two products! The collection of cigarette packets from around the world however was quite interesting as were some of the traditional ukiyo-e picture cards.


Another thing that I hate is tequila as the first time I had it (thanks to the ‘Terrorvision‘ song ‘Tequila‘ which was out around New Years Eve 1998) I was sick in my sleep (nothing to do with the countless other drinks I had then of course!) so wasn’t I the lucky one to discover that there was an ‘extra’ temporary ‘Viva Tequila’ exhibition on a different floor!!

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